A Lesson in Humility

I was going to write here about the freedom of understanding that my mind and body are not responsible for another persons actions. All of that would have been the annoying stuff that I have been muddling over for far too long. I am tired of having that discussion. Yet I have to suck it up and realize that I have been communicating the exact same way forever and I desperately do not want to, to that end a change must be made. I want to have a new discussion.

That new discussion though needs support, and it need the opportunity to grow. I need to listen to the words of wisdom from others and I think it’s about time to do just that. So in my quest to do just that I have decided that my Twitch page will be live from beginning at 3pm as often as possible, starting today. There you can ask me questions either through chat or through donations.

I have questioned my earning potential and my ability to communicate so many times on this website. I’m tired of doing that, so if you want to join in the effort to change that mentality, you can find me at the following website.


Any and all other information will be available through that site.

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