The Woes of Structure

Being Autistic I have a system for everything. What is even better is when I do not have a system, because I have a system for that too, it’s funny how that works. Yet sometimes I have this problem that comes from having these systems, sometimes they don’t work or it breakdown. Now I hear this is normal, that is news to me because it seems foreign to everyone that I have ever met and communicated with at this moment in my life. Taking my therapist(s) word at this one so I decided to write about it and maybe get someone’s opinion.

Do you have an issue with setting up a structured life? Do you sleep regularly or irregularly? Does your life have bits and pieces that seem to be more difficult that everyone elses as you watch the society that you live in go to work everyday and you ask yourself, “How do they do it?”.

I’m curious about these things because I do not have a comprehensive understanding of what is normal, I know that I’ve spoken about this before but I feel like it is even more important to communicate in the times that exist now than it was prior. I grew up being conditioned to believe that I was borderline retarded and slow. This was shattered as I walked into a therapists office beginning March 2019 to receive a final diagnosis in September of 2019. Then the word Gifted start getting thrown around, and now we are onto Prodigious Savant. I do not see anything differently except the fact that I have to adjust the way I communicate, and what I thought was reaching others, is actually bringing down my complexity to their level.

So I’m curious, do you dear reader deal with the same things I do? If so in what severity, do these things encompass your entire life or is it simple to process?

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