Daily Dose of Society #2

Grocery Stores. That’s today’s dose of Society. So I guess you can read another blog? OH… you want more information, maybe even some details, and autistic ranting? Well I guess I could do such a thing.

Mass gathering might be against the guidance of the medical professions right now in any country but what about before this pandemic, and afterword? Well that is the reason I bring up Grocery Stores as the second Daily Dose of Society. I hate long lines, but even with my borderline agoraphobia I find it possible to not vent my frustrations during a long line. Grocery stores are the largest offenders on a regular basis aside from banks of long lines, especially at the beginning of the month for the United States.

Though it is not the line of the venting of the frustration that I want to talk about today, as we’ve discussed before, I want to discuss the actions that are taken and why if they change it can be a positive, or a negative. So let’s look at two perspectives. The person venting, and the person silently waiting to leave.

In situation number one, the venting frustrated individual stands in front of our silent individual. A long line, and an abusive frustrated person vents at the cashier, telling them they need to hurry it up because they have a time limit, and to top it off they didn’t expect to spend all of their day at the grocery store. Without context, this seems kind of petty but acceptable right? So let’s not add any context but imagine the effect on the person behind this abusively angry individual. They will be silent, but potentially getting frustrated themselves, or maybe they will shrug it off completely. What happens for both situations? Well getting frustrated they may lash out, either at the cashier, or the person being obnoxious. This action puts the obnoxious person on the defensive, making them feel like they were correct in the way they acted. Now if they stay silent, the obnoxious person may now feel like they have no support, and this silent individual now has complete control of the situation. Possibly making the obnoxious individual have to deal with a self-awareness of their actions.

Now what happens if the obnoxious individual is behind the quiet individual? Well it might be even more interesting. If the silent person doesn’t seems to be standing up for themselves, or seems to be timid in any way it can invite a lashing out from the obnoxious person. What if the person whose silent lashes out when vented upon? Well this particular situation can spiral out of control very quickly creating bigger issues which you can probably see on the news at times.

The best part about this particular situation? There is no perfect way for me to be able to explain why it’s so important to understand your actions at this moment, because you could be either person. I have been both in the past, minus the abusive part. I have vented my frustrations, which potentially made others uncomfortable. I have also been the silent person. More often than not I am timid when I am outside and subjecting myself to my anxieties, this only invites issues from others to be projected upon me. My autism creates quite a difference in the way I react though and sometimes the process of lashing out becomes that of a confusion in the way that things are suppose to be dealt with due to anxiety.

So that is all that I have for today’s dose of Society. Check out others blogs, and leave any comments or questions below.

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