Society and You

Let’s take a moment to chat about the effect you have on people.

Ever sit in a room and ask yourself how you got to this point? How did you of all people come to the very place that you exist in today.

What if I told you that you are the decisions you made more so today than you were yesterday, and that there are people that benefited, and people that were subjected to your decisions, your kindness or lack their off, your friendship, or lack thereof. What if I told you that somewhere someone sits in a room, and bellyaches about their life because of a decision you made, and you bellyache because of a decision someone else made. Crazy concept eh? Now imagine you had the ability to connect all the dots, but only in the past because the future cannot be predicted, and the present is too new to be analyzed for anyone.

I think of the movie fight club when I write these words, because as society threw away those people and they found their needs through pain, I too find that I have been thrown away by a society that never deserved my input. By people that too this day do not understand what happened and what changed, and never will because their own ability to connect to the world has to be navigated by emotional information and logical information that does not offend. Yet when the context could potentially offend it creates this dynamic of cyclic offense and frustration that cannot be anything but amusing after I have subjected myself to it over the course of the many years. The saddest part for me is that the amusement is nothing but a façade I put on to sate my own desires to be heard under a societally normal communication. My desire to communicate with the words I am using now is at the forefront of my everyday desires.

To give you the best example I can let’s talk about the transition back to our topic, how do I make my point now effects how you see this message, shall I present it in a positive light or a negative light? Shall I say you can control the effect you have on others giving you hope to have a better interaction if you are mindful of the issues, or take the hope away saying you have no control and maybe the mindfulness actually creates the problem more than it will ever fix it?

Let us do both. Everyday I will bring up a topic for the next few weeks, and I shall call it Daily Dose of Society, mostly random interactions will be dissected, I have a few rather important interactions that need to be critiqued but where’s the fun if I just spill it all now?

So keep your eyes peeled lets see if you agree with me or disagree with me. I implore you to comment these posts, especially because I see them through the eyes of an autistic mind no matter what level of gifted I get to enjoy.

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