Ranting and Raving. Nothing to See here.

Preface: I am autistic, I use generalizations for things that are normal for me to be discussing. I also am hyper self-aware, and at this moment in time we suspect I am a prodigious savant. Why the Preface? Because you will hear me use the royal form of words, also known as generalizations, pronouns like “You”, I am not talking about you, sitting in the seat reading this, I am talking about society. Can I change my words? Sure. Does that make me feel comfortable when writing? No. In light of that I will write as I speak, and the way I think. If clarification is needed, please comment and ask questions.

Ignorance is bliss, and Intelligence is a curse. I want to think the opposite, I want to express myself in a way that allows for the hard-hitting darkness of the world to be a little bit brighter. I want to be able to tell you that this is just my depression, or I’m a nihilist, or maybe even that I have been scrapped over the coals of the abusive world that I was subjected to, so I have taken a stance that is highly negative and it is my own internal processing that makes the world so dark. Sadly, none of that is true other than those are my desires.

It would be fair to say that in almost every sense I have been affected by my past a very pragmatic statement of course, but I am conscious of those things, I am also conscious of the effect they have on my perceptions. That is why I say intelligence is a curse, imagine looking at a normal piece of note book paper, and seeing all the lines, having creative ideas of what you will write, but the moment you put pen to paper you feel the disdain of everything that can no longer be wrote, or drawn on that piece of paper. That is how I see my past.

Here a little behind the scenes for everyone that is reading this, I just tabbed over because I got some news about the American COVID-19 situation. Donald J. Trump has decided that in the very near future we are going to ease social distancing. Why? Because of the Economy, the thing that you know, wouldn’t be there without the people. Well he has decided that it is fine, we’re all going to go back to work and everything will be great. People will die, and he wants this to happen. It is going to be literally the worse decision of his political career and I say that as a person who held my head in shame when I heard that he pulled out of Syria without any plans. I never voted for this man, I never hated him just never wanted to see his type of leadership, but now I understand that he is the most dangerous man to have been elected at this moment in time in our history.

This is where my paper breaks down, I have an understanding of what is about to happen to the United States, yet I still want to post something today to get it out there and entertain but also enlighten others, so now I’ll just write and hope that my idea’s can get fleshed out properly. How does that help anyone? Well now that is the special part, have any of you dealt with the anxiety of knowing someone is making a shitty decision? Maybe you’ve watched someone walk back into an abuser’s life saying “Everything will be different this time, they’ve changed” or an addict get back on the drugs? Those have been parts of my life and I will treat this situation the same as I have those, I will survive this COVID-19 bullshit. I will do my part, and I will make sure that my part is significant enough for at the least my family.

Finally I will leave you with this, I know that I am all over the place with this paper, but hopefully soon that will change. Have a good day and enjoy the reading.

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