Welcome to the World of the Disabled

It has taken what six days? No maybe seven days ago. The pandemic was announced Wednesday of last week in the United States, and people are afraid that our society is collapsing now. This makes me laugh out loud literally. I looked at my girlfriend fourteen days ago and said this country no longer exists in the same that it use to, that was the first day you could feel it. The leaders were not prepared, the people were being told everything is okay, and the “Ruling Elite” were stuffing their pillow cases with money in preparation of a market collapse.

Our society runs on fantasy, the fantasy that we will take care of each other. Cognitive Dissonance exists in every action we take everyday for the power of people that are not ourselves, and it exists in the healthcare world equally as much as the corporate world. Keep the intelligent oppressed, and prop up the stupid to manipulate them into a mob mentality, that is what the world of mass media has brought to us. This pandemic only furthered that dissonance. The people found out who mattered in the end, and it wasn’t them, it was the green.

Now why is it so important to me? The disabled deal with this problem every single day. The abuse, physical and emotional exists for every single disabled person in some way, and now you are experiencing it yourself. Having a little bit of anxiety? Welcome to my world. Having a little bit of panic because the grocery store shelves are out? Welcome to my world. I am not happy you have to be welcomed to this world, I am angered because it is wrong, you should not be here, and the disabled should have never been here either.

I wish that there was more I could say, at this moment in time I would say that everyone, be safe, and be careful. Do not give into misinformation and realize that you need to take care of yourself. In 1918 we had a similar virus infect the world, a large portion died, do not be a part of that statistic.

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