Mental Health or Immaturity?

I have been seeing this question pop up recently every once in awhile. Do you have an issue that needs to be addressed by a Mental Health professional or are you just Immature? Who cares, that is my honest response. I do not believe that anyone can address Mental Health without discussing the fact that it is difficult to continue with the treatment that would be needed without taking a serious look at yourself. I covered this in a Vlog today, and I will be linking it at the bottom.

That being said, a serious issue with the question between Mental Health and Immaturity is not addressed by the Mental Healthy community I feel. When first entering your own treatment you have to be honest with yourself, even if you are not honest with anyone else on the planet. I do not care what you consider to be honesty, it has to address the issues within yourself that you are attempting to enter a facility in any professional care fashion, be it outpatient or inpatient. The Stigma of Mental Health “problems” seems to have created this idea that you must pick between the two, no I’m sorry you do not pick between growing up, or becoming mentally healthy, you do both, at the same time, or you fail. That is the most important honest truth that needs to be addressed.

Here is my video based on this topic, if you have any questions leave a comment here, I am always interested in starting conversations that further these topics. Either here or on youtube can be beneficial. If you feel like you need help, do not hesitate to reach out to someone immediately.

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