What does Autism Look Like?

I was never informed that Autism has a look. I was never told that Autism can be spotted in some fashion in a way that allows me to express it as a “thing”. So when I ask the question what does Autism look like? I normally get responses that are mundane and confusing to me. While also being confused and frustrating to the people that are answering the question.

How can I express the difficulties of my life and understand the normal functions vs the autistic functions if I do not understand what Autism looks like? That is where I am trying to come from in this Vlog. Attempting to touch on the fact that Autism doesn’t “Look” like anything while at the same time Autism doesn’t have a defined process or way of being, I think I made my best effort.

Please enjoy my Vlog and do comment if you have any questions or comments.

Remember as always you are not your worst self. I say that to myself everyday and I am trying to change for the better through all of my difficulties, you have the same abilities.

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