500 words to…Problem Solving.

I am amused at myself and the way I deal with things. The idea behind the title is something that I have struggled to understand throughout my entire life. That was until today, when I moved my King Mattress upstairs.

I did my due diligence at the beginning of the move, attempting to make sure everything was perfect, I bought ratchet straps, and found that they wouldn’t work the way I wanted them to, so I adapted. That adaptation caused me to be a little frustrated and almost give up but I stayed true to my goal and found a way around, this was after conceding that I may need help. Finding a new way to do what I wanted I set out to deal with the problem with my new adapted method realizing that I could fold the mattress myself then attach the straps for an easier method of folding then securing. Mind you the information that I was using to attempt to move this mattress is easily accessible. What I find not so easily accessible is the problem-solving that was utilized especially since as you will see in my further explanations I ran into multiple complications.

The largest of those complications was the flu, my body hurts, everything on me causes my blood pressure to rise and throws me into a state of frustration. So I resolved to realize that I was not in the mindset to deal with the Mattress, yet I wanted to, which means I have to deal with a level of discomfort above the level that was originally expected. That was my problem, and the mental fortitude to solve it was what I utilized to make this problem a part of the bigger picture but not overwhelming.

My second issue was being by myself, I expected to have a few problems but not nearly the same amount that I did, but that would be a retrospective way of looking at this and I am looking to walk you through this linearly, quite a task for me. I expected to have to exert myself more than I desired but I had a job to get done, mind you this is all happening in my kitchen after I attempted to just pickup the bed and felt the strain of my muscle pain turn into pain.

So we’ve already spoke about the first rachet strap attempt, and my method of solving that problem was to literally lay on the side of the mattress I wanted to be folding and get it to connect with the other side of the rachet strap. Simple I know, but it is not about the things that were done, because writing them all down makes them seem simple. It was the building process of frustration because each thing compounded upon the last in my mind.

Compounded frustrations a topic I will go into detail in the future blog posts. Yet for now just know that it is real and a thing that needs to be addressed properly.

Having the rachet straps on the mattress, and it what I considered to be neatly packed up in a way that allows me to move it, then moving the mattress to the stairs, made for quite the adventure. The real issue came when I found that the other end of the mattress was not ratcheted properly and holding me back, so I had throw my hands up in the air and cry a bit because well I suddenly cannot move it myself. The entire Mattress must be moved down and then I can try again, but I am tired and I want to get it done, so the frustration builds. I waited a few moments, and got an idea, if I can fold it like this then obviously I can sneak by the mattress on the stairs right? Well carefully maneuvering myself and I’m on the other end of the mattress, and it is moving up the stairs now because I am pushing it instead of pulling, a rather simple job turned into so many problems and solutions.

That the gist of my story, at the end of this project I took on myself I still had the ability to say I accomplished something but I had to go through all of the frustrations, then deal with that frustration differently, mind you the build up was annoying it did help me get the job done.

I sit here now, tired, blood pressure pumped from moving that mattress, and sick, but accomplished. I have other things I want to do but I did something important so I can at the least say I accomplished something. That is what it’s all about, accomplishing something through trial and error.

Thank you for reading this blog post, thank you for sticking with me through my tough times of not doing anything, thank you for being around, and remember you are not your demons, if you have the desire to change you will.

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