500 words to… Happiness

What is Happiness? I have been contemplating that as much as I can recently, especially with the life issues that have been so graciously illuminated to me recently.

It has come to my attention that I am not the norm. Now, this might come as nothing but another way of saying the same thing to anyone that reads this blog but I think it bares to be repeated again, because of the conversation I am about to partake in.

Happiness as a concept, it is an evolution of animalistic instincts that allow the mind to deal with itself. I have this issue with all of the emotional values like this, happiness, content, comfort, pick one and it all sounds the same, there is a longing and primal need for these things. What is the biggest issue that I have with this particular set of emotions? Because I think about the art of thought, and the way that the mind processes things, I cannot at this moment in time, for the life of me find these emotions in my everyday life.

It is not my analysis that riles me up, or nor my critique that brings my visceral nature out. It is my inability to obtain what even the most seemingly malcontented individual has in spades when discussing something within their life. Now this may potentially just be my perception of the events playing out before me, this could also be the grass is greener concept playing out before me, and each of those things are valid arguments, I even go so far as to say that I accept them as completely valid arguments. Yet I still find myself wishing I could find the happiness that make these issues possible.

I harken back to a story I heard as a child, about the kid who asked what happiness was, and the parent who told them that happiness isn’t for everyone. At the least I hope that was a story I heard and not a life event that I’m displacing, but I doubt that as I have yet to displace events in my past as much as I would love to be able to displace a few at this moment in time.

I find myself destitute for something that I would consider happiness, yet never being able to understand what that thing that I desire is, so my quest continues, or did it ever start? Such duality in my thought processes it is painful to believe that such a confusion can exist at times.

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