500 words to… My Perspective on Leadership

Leadership, the word that everyone states is so important in the world and when working is synonymous with success. I hate this word, because realistically leadership means nothing. It is a word that is given weight because the masses want to say that it is important to strive for something but realistically the difference between a good leader and a bad leader is never the status or success they have achieved. Sometimes it becomes even worse, a leader might be the underling, because the boss needs the recognition and the leader needs to get shit done. I cannot understand this process, it has never for the life of me been something that I have been able to comprehend on a level that allows it to be possible in my world. Taking the understanding of leadership being success I want to drill into why it is such a toxic dynamic to say that it is remotely okay to judge a leader based upon their monetary success or their status in life.

Now before I begin picking apart the world of “Leaders” I want to preface everything by saying that this is my opinion. I also believe that status can be a result of good leadership if that is something which is desired.

Leaders are considered to be the most important part of the world. The alpha of the pack, the trendsetters, the people that move our life forward in a way that is positive. I disagree with all of these things. I believe that Leaders are and have always been people behind the scenes making things work and very few leaders have ever been noticed. See being a leader is a thankless job, but not because it is without gratitude, rather the gratitude that is received is late, or a ill timed completely. At times it isn’t even gratitude but instead frustration and rage that is received. This is because leader have to make decisions, and express the world in a way that gets things done. How can you do that if your coddling the rest of the world? How can you lead when your coddling the rest of the world? Neither of these things could be done for someone who wants things to be done as directed or desired to get things properly taken care of for the good of the ones being lead.

I imagine now it may sound as if I am stating that an aggressive leader is okay, or a toxic leader is okay, but that is wrong as well. See a true leader knows the words to viscerally dissect a problem while not taking it personally and attacking the other person. A leader who leads out of fear is someone who takes more of their personal feelings into account than the desire to get something done, either for themselves or another. Where do you fall in these categories? Have you considered the ability to instill fear or anger a tool for leadership?

This is where I will stop for today, over the next few weeks I want to drill into this topic more. Today we covered my understanding of leadership, and why there is an important difference between toxic leadership and good quality leadership. These leaders are important to separate and properly address as to give an understanding to the world around them and their influence.

Thank you for reading today, and remember as always you are not your demons, no one is, the difficulties you deal with in your life are as important as anyone else’s difficulties, no matter how they choose to lead.

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