500 words to… Emotional Health

The idea that two things are inevitable in life has been a staple in my life for a large portion of it up to this point. Those two things being death and taxes. I have heard many types of tropes that exist like this in many different metaphorical ways, but it always boils down to that, but what does this mean? To me it meant that you must struggle through everyday and live your life within that structure until you find a way to make it easier or you die. Tax the body to find death was my metaphor for life, that was until recently as I have addressed in past blogs.

So why do I title this Emotional Health? That would be because it is all about that in the end, your own emotional health above everything else. The practice of being philosophical in the outlook of life attempts to move someone learning from their life of very erratic or nonchalant behavior to one of almost zen like cynicism. The most effective type of rules if that’s what it can be called would be the golden rule. Balance is what I like to call it above everything else, but the human mind might resonate with Golden Rule more frequently than balance so we’ll use Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule speaks of Virtue and Vice, how to create a mental state out of being in the middle. Too much virtue can turn into a vice, and too much vice can never be a virtue. Sounds like a policy the Catholic church should look into in my eyes. Though I’ve never practiced this rule in my own head because I was always worried about my own impact on the world being greater than what I put towards it, even now by writing this I worry that it will not attract enough of an audience to create a difference in this world that I perceive as important. Changing my mindset became important to me recently and that was the thing that reminded me of the Golden Rule.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is suppose to be a practice where you find the middle ground of your extreme thoughts in an attempt to ground them in reality and allow you to better understand the perception that you have versus the world that actual exists. This is the Golden Rule taught in a psychotherapy setting when properly practiced, and it works. The best part is that philosophers knew this long before the CBT therapy was even suggested as a process, just look at ancient civilizations.

“Condition your mind, and you till the soil of the garden. Accept your own reaction and fertilize the plants of growth.” Something I’ve come up with so far, and seems to make sense at this moment, will it become more? Of course everything that is worth it always grows, with proper care. That care is the thing I must learn now, and those actions must be conditioned into my psyche, that’s a lot of work, and I’m self-aware enough to know that I’m incapable of doing it alone, oh my such a paradox.

Thank you for reading this, even if you’ve only read this line at the end. I am not the person that I create through analysis of my own self-awareness, and someday I will realize the person I am truly meant to be. This is the same for every single one of you, you are not your demons, just being here and wanting to read about my struggles is enough to show that to be true. Until next time be good to yourself.

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