500 words to… Hate life

Today I woke up, and because I’m getting over the flu, angry about the inability to write my blogs, and frustrated that this world that I currently live in just kind of sucks.

Let’s break that apart because as I’ve stated in the title, 500 words to… Hate Life, so let’s hate on life.

I have a teacher that teaches two of my courses this semester, and I cannot stand that I will not learn a thing in these classes because of the way she teaches. This is not because I will not attain more information but I will not learn anything because she teaches for the base line of students. Yet today she said that she wants to write a book and tell the world her view on life making money so she can be a historical philosopher. This to me seems like two different goals completely. Move the bottom line of student knowledge, or become a historical philosopher. One requires a comprehensive understanding of what your teaching and a abandonment of excellence. While the later requires an institutional level of knowledge that allows her to grow and learn from everything adding onto her understanding and educating the best of the best.

I cannot reconcile the difference and connections between the two and I want to throw a childish temper tantrum because of the level of frustration that I experience when attempting to think about these things.

A teacher of mine I feel should be preparing the youth that wishes to advance in a way that allows the youth to take something away from each class. Being in college now I find that not to be the case, and it’s almost as if my traumatic childhood is now being redefined as a shielded life of Disney level hopes and dreams from a immature adult. That’s not okay for me but what am I to do about it?

I imagine that in your lives it’s the same you have difficulties that push you forward in a way you did not expect, but at that moment in time the difficulties seem to be road blocks that are nothing but bastardizations of the world you lived in until the moment you found out everything was different from your reality.

The difficulty that is expressed in the shared experiences to me is the most important part of moving life forward. Yet right now I hate life, I dislike the experiences that are shared and I see no real reason to continue because we will not as a society change that fact, only a few outliers will change these things over the course of hundreds of years.

The two different choices my teacher makes in her expression and the way she wants her life to be, to me are the problem with the world at this moment in time. The people who want to dream without action, and then the people like me who don’t dream and can take action. What can be done to bring the two together and more in sync with each other? I do not know, but I am curious, I am also hopeful.

If this made you hate life, don’t there is always a reason to be hopeful and desire a change in your life, just take these words at face value, the message? If you hate life find out why, if you have a desire find out what decision is keeping you from making that desire a reality. I do not know what my desire or difficulties are as of yet, but I will find them, hopefully soon.

Thank you for reading this blog even if all you read is the end, life is a struggle, don’t make it more difficult on you by not conforming to the world around you. Yet when the opportunity presents itself to become something more than a number, take that opportunity every single time.

Remember, you are not your demons, struggling is a part of life, keep the hope alive by looking to make the struggle easier for you. Good luck, and I’ll see you again soon.

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