Five Hundred Words a Day to Accountability.

Can you write five hundred words a day?

I recently took some time to test that for myself, and I failed, multiple times. So, if I failed, why did I title this particular blog entry with such a rash statement? Because I learned from every failure in a way I did not expect to, and now almost a month later I’m here to attempt to fail again.

Failure has always been a tool for me that terrified me to no end, I considered it to be something to fear because nothing could get in my way if I broke everything down properly the first time fought against what I considered to be my own bad judgement and threaded a perfect path from beginner to master of any craft immediately.

When I began writing this blog that was my goal, write important stuff down and attempt to teach myself why it was important, all while not failing. Then seventy-six dollars for monetization and a insurmountable task of one blog a day came to the forefront of my mind, along with the terror that is stand up comedy, and a looming class schedule. I retreated from all of these things as quickly as I could, maybe even faster than I could have if I had logically thought about a single one and attempted to find out if it was important enough to worry about or if I could throw the worry away and worry less.

Third week of school starts today, as this blog is being posted, and I’m back here writing on this blog, I’ve done my stand up twice now, and have an open mic prep for the twenty seventh of this month. I’ve wrote over five hundred words for discussion boards almost every single day back to back, with such ease that it makes me worried that I am now talking too much.

I succeeded this summer in many aspects of my life, the most important, was to be able to write five hundred words a day, not actually complete the task, but I built the skill. I built this skill by sitting down and writing when I was the most anxious, terrified, and at my wits end.

So now I turn that skill on it’s head, and challenge myself, through my challenge I also challenge you as the reader. I am going to sit here and write this post, every day, and it’ll be different everyday of course, the topics will change, the world may change, and some days I may fail because I am human, but I will challenge myself to continue on every day.

I want this challenge to be as positive to myself as possible. I have held my self accountable in the past, in the most toxic way I can, by using the conditioned methods of my parents. I refuse to do that anymore. I will not be held accountable to my perception of their needs, and in doing so I can achieve these things with a ambitious desire that allows me to feel the success of my challenge.

Finally, I am able to do this, that means you are also able to do this. Connect with me on social media, I have setup the social media links at the top of the page. Over the course of the next few weeks I hope to build ways communicate my goals and allow others to hold me accountable for the goals I do not achieve, while also being held accountable yourselves.

As always, look out for yourselves, and if you’re here, you’ve already put more effort in fighting your demons than many others will ever, so take a few moments to recognize that within yourself, find the way to enjoy your life, even if it’s in a professional facility. Be good to yourself, and you are not your demons. See you tomorrow.

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