Certain Doctors are Stupid.

When I walk into an office looking to get medical care, I am expecting a type of customer service. The type of customer service I am talking about is a double-edged sword. A positive side of the customer service is that of the doctor that listens and takes the time to make sure the patient is healthy and no concerns exist. The other side is a negative doctor. This type of doctor takes pride in his knowledge of the human condition and decided upon graduating that he needed to know nothing else unless it is trained into him by the higher ups at the place he works.

My doctor falls into category number two. I recently walked in to his office and stated that I have back pain. Now this back pain is a little weird because recently I started doing yoga, and it has gotten much better, but is worse before stretching. I’m thinking it’s a form of sciatica and must be addressed properly after the proper testing. Upon speaking to my doctor about this, he expresses to me that it is my weight, I must control my weight and my pain will go away. This cannot be the case, as I have recently lost almost fifty pounds. Losing such weight should have an affect on my body in kind with the type of affect he’s looking to garner by telling me to lose weight. I currently weight 330, I was 380, with no back pain, now at 330, back pain exists. I also have other medical issues that I have been unable to find solutions for even though I have put a large amount of work into them. These are ignored by this doctor, I have expressed that my sleep apnea machine fills my lungs with fluid, because it has twice now in five months. He claps back with a line similar to “Well you have to do it because I diagnosed this problem.” Makes me feel like I’m a little bit of a loon.

I also take medications that need to be addressed as well, and he does not even know the amount of medication that I am to be taking, he did not read my chart, this must be a moment that gives him such pride. When looking at a patient, if you don’t take the time to deal with their issues, stating that you know better, even when their world is much different than yours and this continues for a large period of time. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to get a new job, and Burger King fry cook sounds like a great job for this man.

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