A Sucker is Born Every Minute

I love this blog. Quality content, right? Now that I have been blogging, I did some research on the topic of Monetizing and the desired content for blogs around the world. I did this because recently I thought about doing comedy, well in truth I had a mini breakdown, wrote a story about a priest to a famous comedian, got told that I was a frustrated comedian and that my place is a stage. Me being me, I did some digging, tried to figure out how I would make it my life, and what I would do to make ends meat while also being a side show act until I found my ability to write jokes. Suddenly I get a huge amount of emails with recommended in the title, with shit like “You can make 10k a month!” or something along those lines. Look if you read this blog and subscribe to those emails please understand I am not looking to offend you with this title, but those people are making ten thousand dollars a month, off your idea.

Doing research for this, and learning how to build a joke, has taught me a few things in the last few days. It is the toughest thing I have ever experienced to write a blog without an idea. Yet somehow these guys are making ten thousand dollars a month after just a few months. This is leaving out the entire process that everyone must experience to decide if this is something, they are willing to do or not. Just like with any job, skill, or business, there always comes a moment you much choose between greatness and towing the company line. I pray when it comes for you, you choose greatness, though I know not everyone will, it just cannot happen. If you do desire greatness though and choose the opposite, do not become a sucker, create a new opportunity for greatness. A new opportunity can even be found from the old opportunity in a different context.

This may be confusing so I shall explain exactly what I mean. I write a lot now a days, there was a point in time where I wanted to do the same but for a paper that promoted Freedom through Education. Four “friends” and I called this paper Free Thought Dot Com. This was an opportunity that I had decided would be important to my life, and because I was so damaged, I put the expectation of this project on others. I allowed them to decide if we were going to put out an article or not, and I expected others to tell me how it was meant to be. Now I was a kid, so this was okay, yet now I am an adult, or at least people keep telling me that, I will do not see it. After that project failed, I did not write, hell even during the project I did not write. Now I am sitting here two years into a college degree that I could never imagine having, almost perfect grades, writing a blog about people defrauding others, all while studying and preparing to do comedy. No one gave me a Ten Thousand Dollar a month email that did this, it was a system of choices that needed to be made, throughout most of this I made little to no money, even when supporting my family during my twenties.

I write this though because of the two paths that I see in life no matter how much they branch off each decision, the choice to manipulate another individual does not even present itself. How could anyone believe their success is worth a damn if the way it is achieved is from someone else’s idea’s or work.

The most precious thing in this world is an original idea. Everyone has the capability of coming up with an original idea. No matter your own mental stressors that you deal with.

Remember though, if you are here, you took the time to read this, or you just read my too long did not read line at the bottom, it is a type of curiosity that I used for my own journey. I am not done with my own journey and I hope these words give you the ability to find your path. Falling victim to con artists has happened to me many times in my life and I do not expect everyone to walk away unscathed from them. I cannot give you the advice to make blogging successful, I have posted seven blogs. I can say that I am enjoying it and can see myself continuing without any need for compensation. That I feel is the right path in this case. I hope this helps anyone who reads it to make decisions in your life.

From my last blog, I feel this builds upon that a small bit, find your acceptance, make it yours, and do not let anyone take it from you. Do not even give it up to yourself, your inner demons are not you, so do not let them take your comfort or acceptance in the world around you.

Until next time.

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